Cover letter for Language Teacher

Cover letter for Language Teacher

Dear Headteacher,

I am María Pérez, a Languages Teacher holding a Degree in English Philology, a Postgraduate Degree in Modern Foreign Languages (PGCE in MFL), along with various language specialization courses and official certificates. Enclosed, you will find my CV as I am keen to participate in your school’s selection process.

My professional tenure predominantly spans the UK from 2007 till date, encompassing roles as a language’s teacher and tutor across secondary levels, with some involvement in primary education. A comprehensive overview of my teaching background is available in my attached CV.

My approach to teaching emphasizes teamwork, initiative, creativity, and exceptional organizational skills. I excel in crafting engaging lesson plans and generating motivational resources. Proficient in leveraging digital technologies for lesson structuring and amplifying classroom learning experiences, I strive to motivate students, foster independent learning, and continually monitor their progress. I ensure lesson differentiation by tailoring content and resources to cater to diverse student abilities, employing modeling and scaffolding techniques for inclusive learning.

As a native speaker of Spanish and Catalan (holding a Certificat Superior de Valencià, Level C2), I possess proficiency in English (Level C2). Additionally, I am adept in speaking and teaching French and Portuguese at an Advanced level (C1), and I have a beginner-level grasp of Italian (A2).

I trust that my application aligns with your requirements and eagerly await your response. The prospect of contributing to your esteemed teaching staff would be an honor.

Yours sincerely,

María Pérez