7 trick Questions You’ll Be Asked in your Teacher Interview

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Trick questions in a teacher interview are very common. In fact, they are common in all sectors. Recruiters use these trick questions to determine whether you are coherent, practical, and aligned with the school’s goals. Because the so-called “trick questions” have a deeper intention than meets the eye. Your responses will be dissected, so they may cause your teacher interview to fail.

As a result, they are also referred to as challenging teacher interview questions. And, to help you prepare, we’ll go over the most common ones you might be asked in a teacher interview today.


Take note, and don’t let them catch you off guard!


1.   Why do you want to work at this school?


You should be careful not to sing the school’s praises too loudly. Be sincere and discuss how their values, mission, and methodology align with what you want to achieve as a teacher. Mention how you can help the institution grow as well.


2.   How well do you know our school?


This isn’t about reciting the school’s history. It is more about how the community perceives it, its values, and its mission. However, this does not stop you from discussing its origins and evolution over time as additional information.


3.   What are your strengths as a teacher?


This is one of the more challenging questions in a teacher interview. It is often difficult to talk about yourself. That is why you should identify relevant strengths for the teaching position. Leadership, effective communication, and group management are a few examples.



4.   What are your weaknesses?


The trick questions for teacher interviews follow one after the other. Your answer should be the inverse of the previous one in this one. That is, identify your weaknesses that have no bearing on your performance as a teacher. It is also critical to emphasize that these flaws are something you are eager to improve.


5.   How did your previous coworkers perceive you?


The recruiter is uninterested in the opinions of your former coworkers. They want to know if you are a team player, a collaborator, and someone who promotes a positive working environment. For this point, you should solicit honest feedback from your colleagues.


6.   How much would you like to earn?


This is usually the most challenging trick question in a teacher interview. Because it is difficult to discuss money, you must understand what the company offers, the market, and what you are willing to earn. The recruiter wants to know how much you value your knowledge and whether you are only interested in the job for the salary or if something else can motivate you.


7.   Why did you leave your previous teaching position?


We recommend that you be completely transparent when answering this trick question in a teacher interview because the school can quickly discover the real reason for your departure from your previous teaching position. If the reason was that they did not renew you, state it clearly.

You can make an interview difficult if you are not prepared. So, study the answers you will give to trick questions well. They can make the difference between being selected or not.


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