Examples of cover letters for teachers to be sent to schools


Dear Principal:

My name is Viridiana, and I graduated from the University of Alcalá’s Faculty of Education with a degree in Elementary Education (with a specialization in Robotics and Science). I completed an internship for my degree at several public schools but attended the Giovanni Antonio Farina school in Azuqueca de Henares during my secondary education.

My experiences as a student and teacher in various centers I’ve attended have been pleasant and positive, and I’ve had very motivating experiences. I would love to be able to work as a teacher and begin my professional career while still training and learning from my students and colleagues. I am motivated to give my all and become involved in the center’s project and a class where I can give my best.

My love for teaching was sparked by the incredible teachers I had the good fortune to meet in my youth, and I would like nothing more than to encourage my students’ curiosity and passion for learning. These same teachers encouraged me to complete my non-formal education with theater and storytelling courses and invited me to several formative extracurricular academic projects. In addition, I have tried to “give back” by volunteering to do storytelling and theater and by sharing what they have taught me over the years (an example of this is the STEAM talk I gave at El Badiel school in Guadalajara).

Feel free to contact me for any additional information you need and to arrange an interview.

Thank you for your attention; I await your response and am pleased to send you my best regards.

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Dear Management Team:

My name is María Rejón. I hold an Undergraduate Teaching Degree in Foreign Languages (English), the Ecclesiastical Declaration of Academic Proficiency, and other official teacher qualifications. I am writing this letter and attaching my resume to offer my full availability if a job opening arises in your school.

I am an empathetic, respectful, and tolerant professional who works well in groups and has good listening skills, human maturity, and educational competence. I have developed skills and aptitudes that assist me when implementing my teaching duties. I have strong interpersonal skills, excellent communication abilities, teamwork, leadership, and a passion for teaching.  I have a high English level and extensive knowledge of techniques and tools applied to education.

I would appreciate an opportunity to prove my worth. I hope that my profile is of your interest, and we can arrange a job interview.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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Cover Letter for Elementary School Teachers

Dear Principal:

I am contacting you and attaching my resume to let you know that I am interested in working at your school.

I decided to study a degree in Elementary Education since I have always felt a calling for teaching. After finishing it with a Minor in English, I pursued a master’s degree in Teaching and Learning Processes to broaden my knowledge.

I have formal experience teaching English and science and hold the C1 degree from the EOI in the first three years of Elementary Education.  In addition, I have worked with children of all ages, tutoring subjects other than English. I have worked as a basketball coach and am certified by the Basketball Federation of Madrid.

I want to continue gaining experience and skills as a teacher, and your school is the ideal setting. It would be a fantastic opportunity to learn more from experienced teachers and to further my education.

I am always open to learning new teaching methods and improving my own. I am willing to collaborate with the rest of the teachers and contribute everything I can to make the children’s education fun and a profitable experience they can enjoy daily.

Thank you for your time, and I remain at your disposal.


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Dear Human Resources Manager,

I am writing to introduce myself and leave my CV at your disposal so you can learn more about my professional background, as I fit perfectly with your required profile. Also, I must let you know that I have no objection to moving to any province for work.

I am an early childhood educator with approximately seven years of teaching experience in traditional schools. I am currently completing the Montessori Children’s House guide course. My most recent work experience was at The Montessori School of Mallorca, where my contract ended this academic year since I was covering maternity leave.

I am a person who, having worked for a long time in traditional schools, wanted to take a step forward to improve this quality of learning for children at this critical stage of their lives, where the foundations of their personalities and which, shortly, will mark them as adults in this society.

Throughout my professional career, I could not have been as convinced as I am now about the importance of implementing an active pedagogy in schools: where the child is the protagonist of their learning and the adult assumes the responsibility of guiding, motivating, and accompanying them during this crucial stage of personal development.

I consider myself one of those who wish to contribute to the gradual transformation of today’s society, achieving the much-needed world of peace in which we can all accept the interdependence that unites us as human and social beings.

Finally, I’d like to express my delight if you could evaluate my candidacy, and I remain at your complete disposal.

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Dear school:

My name is Spencer Sandoval; I have a degree in Philosophy from the University of Seville.
My passion for teaching stems from my family, as several members are educators. The experience as an intern not only helped me to train as a future teacher and to acquire new knowledge that has enriched my professional and personal development but also reaffirmed my vocation for teaching and my commitment to it even more.

In my eagerness to advance in the educational world, I have held a variety of positions: ranging from private teacher to monitor in the French Schools of Seville East, dealing with students of all ages, to being a History of Philosophy, Psychology, Geography, and History teacher.

On the other hand, I strive for continuous personal and academic development, having completed a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education, a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Modern Culture, a Master’s Degree in Coaching for School Development, and several courses in Philosophical Counselling.

I would be delighted to join your teaching staff.
Thank you for your attention.

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I studied Pedagogy at Complutense University, finishing my studies in 2013, and have a master’s degree in teaching (where I gained extensive knowledge of the field I work in). I discovered my true calling: giving myself to people and believing in the beautiful concept of “pedagogy of the heart.”

I worked in educational and family guidance for five years and strongly desire to develop further.

My desire and enthusiasm to start a new project have piqued my interest in learning and growing professionally in this area.

I believe in people, pedagogy, good work, seeing the glass as half full, and second chances.

I always put a lot of love for education in my gaze, and I hope to share it with your team.


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The cover letter accompanies your resume as part of your teaching job application. It goes into greater detail on how your qualifications match the job’s requirements, what you
can contribute to the reaching team and why you want the job. It allows recruiters to understand why you are the right candidate for the job.In many cases, the first impression
they will get of you will be the one they get from your cover letter. For this reason, it is very important that, before you start writing it, you read different cover letter examples
and get ideas for creating your own. Also keep in min>d that employers often prefer resumes that are accompanied by a cover letter and, in most cases, specifically request
one as a mandatory requirementwhen applying for their teaching vacancies.


When a school begins a hiring process, it may receive hundreds of resumes to review. If you want to stand out, the first step is to include a cover letter that is appropriate to the
position you are applying for, and which reflects the unique skills you possess.The overall goal of a cover letter is to demonstrate your uniqueness as a teacher and candidate.
It is an opportunity to show the recruiter that you meet the key attributes they are looking for. For this reason, we advise you to first review our teacher cover letter examples.


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teacher cover letter


Use our teacher cover letters examples to demonstrate how your talents and expertise match the requirements of the teaching job you’re applying for. Provide examples
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through written text. Through our cover letter examples, you can get ideas and inspiration before creating your own.
  Both the skills you possess and your teaching experience are
key to securing an interview. Be sure to include examples of relevant experience to highlight the value you would bring to the school and why you would be the most suitable
candidate for the position.
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