Examples of cover letters for teachers to be sent to schools

Teacher cover letter samples

Dear Sir or Madam, 

I am pleased to present my resume for consideration as an English Teacher, and I’m including extra information about myself here, which I hope will strengthen my application for the position. 

I am of US and Spanish parentage; American on my father’s side. I lived in Madrid, the place of my birth, for almost 3 years, and I’m currently living in Minneapolis.  I am a native English speaker and perfectly fluent in speech, writing and reading levels. 

I am a very open-minded, flexible and tolerant person who welcomes new ideas and changes if necessary. Not only do I have a passion for teaching, but also for learning from what others can offer. 

One of my objectives when teaching a language, and the basis of my methodology, is to start from what motivates the students, involving them in their own learning. 

Additionally, taking advantage of my origins, I would not only base teaching on theoretical understanding, but also practical and cultural activities. In this way, students have fun while learning a new language and acquire the correct pronunciation of the language in real situations. 

I am well aware that schools and their pupils are increasingly heterogeneous and require individual and personal attention; therefore, as far as it is possible, I would try to adapt, improve and/or extend any type of material bearing in mind the characteristics and needs of each student. 

To conclude, I would like to sincerely thank the school for the opportunity to apply for a job where I can develop my skills and enrich my experience. 

Without further ado, I thank you again and look forward to hearing from you. 


Cover letter for teaching position

Dear Sir/ Madam: 

My name is Sophia Brown and I am an art teacher. I have studied in England and the US for 3 years, where I received a Fine Arts Degree and a MA in Contemporary Art Theory.  I also have an MA in International & Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco. 

Despite of my brief teaching experience, I have always tried to extend my education and praofessionalism. I would like you to consider my CV for futures vacancies in the arts department of your school. 

Best Regards, 

Letter of introduction for teachers

To whom it may concern, 

I am a passionate, fully trained and highly qualified Physics and Mathematics teacher. I believe the purpose of my career is to have an impact on the critical thinking of young people. Not only do I have a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics (from Boston College), but I’ve also completed a Secondary Teacher Certification, including practical experience as a secondary-school teacher. Furthermore, for the last two years I have worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where I held a teaching and research oriented position. 

Throughout my educational experience, I have come to the profound conclusion that teaching is not only a challenge that I can meet by drawing on my skills and experience, but also a commitment that I am eager to embrace. My goal every day is to have a positive impact on young people. Therefore, I am highly motivated to apply for the position of Teacher in your school. I believe that I can perform as an excellent educator, and I hope to contribute as much as possible to help in the positive development and growth of the school. 

It is clear to me that as a teacher, I have to be constantly learning in order to continuously improve my teaching skills. It’s essential that I’m always searching for the optimal techniques, strategies and materials that best facilitate the students’ learning. At the same time, I wish to foster a stimulating and healthy atmosphere in the classroom to promote learning. 

One of the most important tasks as a scientist was being able to communicate academic results in a clear and accurate way, both in writing and oral presentations. Through this experience I have developed excellent communication skills which contribute to my ability to be an exceptional teacher. 

Finally, thanks to my experience working within international groups in different US universities, I truly enjoy and am stimulated by working in teams with people from all around the world. Furthermore, I believe that good collaboration among colleagues in a wholesome and communicative environment is pivotal for developing a successful educational program. I look forward to being a part of such an environment at your school. 


Teacher cover letter examples


I am writing this and enclosing my resume to offer my availability as an educator. 

I wish to emphasize that I have a degree English and I have professional experience in  education, both as a teacher of English and as a teacher of Science in elementary school. 

I should add that I feel I have a vocation as a teacher and appreciate the value of educational work. I am familiar with the US education system, in structure and in its objectives and content. 

I hope you will consider my offer. 


Teaching interest letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am seeking a full -time job as an English Language teacher. I have a broad background in teaching and all the necessary qualifications for any positions you need to fill. Along with a profound knowledge of the English Language I have the ability to teach it in a lively and motivating way to students of all ages. I am quite flexible and open to suggestions to enhance methods and fluent communication.

I tailor activities to maintain the interest of students, and I have the ability to dramatize English stories effectively and creativeness in the teaching process.  I believe in a communicative process, integrating all the skills in all areas of knowledge.

I strive for continued excellence as you can see in my CV.

May I have a personal interview at your convenience?

Thanks for your consideration


The cover letter accompanies your resume as part of your teaching job application. It provides more detail about how your skills match the needs of the job, what you can bring to the teaching team and why you want the job. It allows recruiters to understand why you are the right candidate for the job. 
In many cases, the first impression they will get of you will be the one they get from your cover letter. For this reason, it is very important that, before you start writing it, you read different cover letter examples and get ideas for creating your own. Also keep in mind that employers often prefer resumes that are accompanied by a cover letter and, in most cases, specifically request one as a mandatory requirement when applying for their teaching vacancies. 


When a school begins a hiring process, it may receive hundreds of resumes to review. If you want to stand out, the first step is to include a cover letter that is appropriate to the position you are applying for, and which reflects the unique skills you possess. 
The overall goal of a cover letter is to demonstrate your uniqueness as a teacher and candidate. It is an opportunity to show the recruiter that you meet the key attributes they are looking for. For this reason, we advise you to first review our teacher cover letter examples. 


What do you have to offer as a teacher and how could you positively influence the school if you were offered the position? Sell your key strengths with confidence to capture the attention of the recruiter. Get inspired by our sample cover letters or let our professionals write it for you. 
At CVExpres we offer a range of services created especially for you to find a teaching job. For this reason, the creation of your resume and cover letter are among our fundamental services. The creation of the teacher resume service also includes the creation of your cover letter, thanks to our experts. Remember that it is the best option to get a letter that makes you stand out from the rest. 

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Use our teacher cover letters examples to show the unique combination of skills and experience that relate to the selection criteria of the teaching position applied for. Provide examples that demonstrate a clear link between your knowledge, experience and skills and the needs of the school. A well-written cover letter can also show your ability to communicate effectively through written text. Through our cover letter examples you have the possibility to get ideas and inspiration before creating your own. 
Both the skills you possess and your teaching experience are key to securing an interview. Be sure to include examples of relevant experience to highlight the value you would bring to the school and why you would be the most suitable candidate for the position. 
Don't worry if you don't have any teaching experience, among our cover letter examples you will find letters designed for inexperienced teachers. You will be able to see how to write it in a way that still shows you are the ideal candidate. Even so, we recommend you to leave it in the hands of our professionals: with their great experience they will know how to write the perfect cover letter adapted to your needs.