Cover Letter for Elementary School Teachers

Cover Letter for Elementary School Teachers

Dear Principal:

I am contacting you and attaching my resume to let you know that I am interested in working at your school.

I decided to study a degree in Elementary Education since I have always felt a calling for teaching. After finishing it with a Minor in English, I pursued a master’s degree in Teaching and Learning Processes to broaden my knowledge.

I have formal experience teaching English and science and hold the C1 degree from the EOI in the first three years of Elementary Education.  In addition, I have worked with children of all ages, tutoring subjects other than English. I have worked as a basketball coach and am certified by the Basketball Federation of Madrid.

I want to continue gaining experience and skills as a teacher, and your school is the ideal setting. It would be a fantastic opportunity to learn more from experienced teachers and to further my education.

I am always open to learning new teaching methods and improving my own. I am willing to collaborate with the rest of the teachers and contribute everything I can to make the children’s education fun and a profitable experience they can enjoy daily.

Thank you for your time, and I remain at your disposal.


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