Dear Human Resources Manager,

I am writing to introduce myself and leave my CV at your disposal so you can learn more about my professional background, as I fit perfectly with your required profile. Also, I must let you know that I have no objection to moving to any province for work.

I am an early childhood educator with approximately seven years of teaching experience in traditional schools. I am currently completing the Montessori Children’s House guide course. My most recent work experience was at The Montessori School of Mallorca, where my contract ended this academic year since I was covering maternity leave.

I am a person who, having worked for a long time in traditional schools, wanted to take a step forward to improve this quality of learning for children at this critical stage of their lives, where the foundations of their personalities and which, shortly, will mark them as adults in this society.

Throughout my professional career, I could not have been as convinced as I am now about the importance of implementing an active pedagogy in schools: where the child is the protagonist of their learning and the adult assumes the responsibility of guiding, motivating, and accompanying them during this crucial stage of personal development.

I consider myself one of those who wish to contribute to the gradual transformation of today’s society, achieving the much-needed world of peace in which we can all accept the interdependence that unites us as human and social beings.

Finally, I’d like to express my delight if you could evaluate my candidacy, and I remain at your complete disposal.

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