Teacher resume: How do I view myself as a teacher?

Teacher resume
Teacher resume, teaching resume

Teacher resume: How do I view myself as a teacher?


Teacher resume, teaching resume


Teacher resume: How do I view myself as a teacher?


The teacher resume is the introduction letter of every teacher. However, in addition to your experience, it also shows a small portion of how you view yourself as a teacher.

This is a polarizing topic because it is heavily influenced by contexts, both cultural and biogeographical, as well as personal experience.

And, when writing your teaching CV, everything mentioned above has an impact on your confidence when facing a selection process. This is the stage where you wonder; Am I a good enough teacher to be qualified for this challenge?

Furthermore, before a possible teacher interview, you should be very familiar with how to answer this question. There is no right or wrong answer, you simply need to know yourself and your strengths as a teacher.

If you haven’t defined it yet, we’d like to shed some light on your journey.


How to express you’re a good teacher in your teacher resume?


When it comes to getting a teaching job, your perception of yourself as a teacher is critical.  Schools want to hire good teachers and, if you don’t consider yourself one, your teaching resume will reflect that.

So, to express how good you are, you must first have a good understanding of yourself and your work.

That is, you believe you can enhance and promote your students’ intellectual, physical, moral, emotional, and social development. In other words, you play a fundamental part in the lives of your students.

As a good teacher, you must have a calling for teaching and always conduct yourself professionally. Be a guiding light for your students and recognize the impact you have on their human development.

If you believe you meet all these requirements, now is the time to include them and express them in your teaching CV. But how should it be done?


There are two options, you can use both or just one in your teaching CV.


Teacher resume, teaching resume


1.   Attach a cover letter to your teacher resume


It is a known fact that the resume must be concise, which leaves little room to express how good you are as a teacher.

Therefore, it is ideal to attach a cover letter in which you can elaborate (without going into too much detail) on your experience and how you view yourself as a teacher. You can include, for example, your most outstanding work achievements and work management skills in this section.

A cover letter can also make your teacher resume stand out from the crowd. So, it is an excellent choice for both purposes.


2.   Attach a recommendation letter to your teaching CV


Some people believe this is the ideal document for expressing how good you are as a teacher on your resume because this letter was not written by you but rather by former students, colleagues, or direct supervisors. In it, they will express how good you are as a teacher, which will have a significant impact on your teaching CV.

As a result, an increasing number of teachers are including this letter with their CVs, as it endorses their self-perception and makes their resumes stand out.

We recommend you attach both letters to your teaching CV, as they will strengthen it and reinforce how good a teacher you are.