5 reasons Why you have NOT been Selected for a Teaching Position

Teaching position
teaching position, teaching position

5 reasons Why you have NOT been Selected for a Teaching Position


teaching position, teaching position


5 reasons why you have NOT been selected for  a teaching position


Have you sent your resume and not received a response about the teaching position you applied for? Many people are applying for these jobs, so it can take a while for the school or company to decide whom to interview. However, it might be worth looking into the reasons if you keep applying and don’t hear back after a few months.


The first step is to figure out why you haven’t been chosen for the teaching position.

And, yes, it is difficult to determine the exact reason because schools and companies rarely call to inform you of your rejection.

So, in this post, we’ll go over the most common reasons why you’re not getting the teaching job you deserve. Take notes for your next teacher-selection process.


1.   Lack of qualifications


According to data from the Employment Report in Spain 2021, made by Adecco and Infoempleo, 30% of companies reject candidates for not being well qualified. So, it’s important that you only apply for a teaching position if you are sure that you meet all the requirements.


2.   Digital Footprint


In today’s world, it’s easy to get a glimpse into someone’s life beyond their CV – just look at their social media profiles. You can learn about their behavior, opinions, and much more. That’s why being mindful of what you post or say online is crucial. In fact, a Microsoft survey found that 70% of HR managers consider your online activity when evaluating you as a job candidate.

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teaching position, teaching position


3.   Lack of soft skills


Soft skills are increasingly in demand, especially from teachers, because you must have excellent communication skills, assertiveness, leadership, and empathy in a teaching job. Failing to demonstrate these skills could result in a recruiter rejecting your application outright.


4.   Not knowing how to express yourself in the interview


Sometimes when you are interviewed for a job, you might get nervous. This can make it difficult to speak clearly, and you may also find it difficult to express yourself. This can lower your rank in the eyes of the recruiter and may be one of the reasons why you haven’t been called for the position of teacher to which you applied. The best thing to do is to relax, be natural, and avoid rigid movements.


5.   A CV that does not pique interest


The first impression is always important, and in the eyes of recruiters, your CV is the first peek. To succeed in a job interview, your presentation of your experience and skills must be clear and concise. This means you can only advance in the selection process if your presentation is up to par. You should submit a resume with a significant impact and include a cover letter.

Recruiters are usually very selective when hiring new teachers, and these were the most common reasons. Now you can ensure you are ready to showcase your teaching skills in the next selection process.