We give you the option to select the states, counties, or cities in which the schools of your interest are located.

If you add several postal addresses to the resume (because you have family or friends in other states and it is easy for you to change your address), we also give you the option of sending your resume to different states with different postal addresses. This way, you avoid being in a situation of inferiority in the job selection process due to not living in the same area as the school.

To carry out this type of distribution, you simply have to send us a resume for each state with the corresponding postal address. We will organize the shipment so that each resume reaches the schools in the state they correspond to.


Another way to select the distribution area of ​​your resume is through the section, “Schools Within a Specific Distance”, which you will find in our school selection form.

To do this, you must enter the address from which you want to select the private schools, or the postal code, as well as the maximum search radius (in miles). The search address can also simply be a city; in that case, the search is carried out from the center of this location.

Keep in mind that search miles are a linear distance, not a road distance, and that in some cases there can be significant differences between those two types of distances.

You must also take into account that the states, counties, or cities that you have previously selected in the “Location of Private Schools” section are prioritized. That is, if in that section you have selected a certain state, the selection of schools in the section “Schools Within a Specific Distance” will be made only within this state, and not in neighboring states; this applies even if they are within of the radius of the miles you marked.

With these two tools, “Location of Private Schools,” and “Schools Within a Specific Distance,” we are sure that you will be able to choose private schools located exactly in the geographical areas where you would like to work; they will also help you increase or decrease the number of selected schools.