Having a Hard Time Finding Employment in Schools?

Find employment in schools
Find employment in schools, find jobs in schools

Having a Hard Time Finding Employment in Schools?


Find employment in schools, find jobs in schools


Finding a job at a school can be challenging. But you may need to do something different if it’s been long and you can’t find a school job. Porque en ocasiones el poder encontrar trabajo en colegios o no, depende de nosotros mismos.

Sometimes, it is up to us whether we can find employment in schools.

Yes, your actions, how you write your CV, how you perform in the interview, your online reputation, and/or lack of experience all contribute to your job search’s success or failure.

So today, we’ll talk about what you could be doing wrong and why you’re having trouble finding jobs in schools.

Let’s get started.


Sending your CV via an unprofessional email address.


The email address from which you send your resume is important. This is what recruiters look at, and while it is not a deciding factor, it does influence the decision.

In this regard, it is preferable to create a professional email account (name and surname suffice) and avoid using extravagant usernames. This detracts significantly from your candidacy, and your CV will be at the bottom of the pile, no matter how good.

When in doubt, the best way to find jobs in schools is to use professional CV distribution services, such as CVExpress.


Not having a compelling resume.


Nowadays, you can only send a CV with an attached cover letter or recommendation.

If you don’t do this, you might be disadvantaged, which is why finding employment in schools is challenging. The majority of candidates will include some of these documents with their resumes.

As a result, a basic resume will be at a disadvantage. As a result, before sending your CV to a school, you should supplement it with a cover letter or a letter of recommendation.


Find employment in schools, find jobs in schools


Including too many short-lasting experiences


Experience is essential for finding work in schools and other sectors. And I’m sure you’re aware of this, but it can be unclear.

Because the desire to brag about your accomplishments can be your worst enemy, you may begin to include all your teaching experiences, resulting in an unstable CV.

In other words, the recruiter will notice that you have held numerous jobs in a short period.

As a result, they may conclude that you do not do your job well. This makes the process of finding a school job more difficult.


Other common mistakes when looking for a job at schools


In addition to the three mistakes listed above, the following are common among applicants for teaching positions:


  • Not being cautious with social media activity. When a recruiter analyzes you, they will look for everything they can about you, not just what you write in your CV. They’ll look through social media and Google your name. So be careful what you say and how you say it on the internet.
  • Not applying for jobs that match your qualifications. Applying for a position you don’t meet the requirements for is another common mistake when looking for school jobs (being over or under-qualified).


If you make any mistakes, there is still time to correct them and find employment in schools this year.