Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to let you know that I’m interested in joining your team, as I would like to offer my training and experience to your workplace.

My name is Grace Sanchez. I have a degree in Hispanic Studies: Spanish Language and its Literature, a master’s degree in Teacher Training, and another in Hispanic Literature, Art, History, and Society.

I am a person who is adaptable, flexible, and eager to take on new projects every day. I practice positive psychology and believe good learning can come from anywhere and anytime. I want to instill a love for reading in my students regardless of the genre, without impositions, with freedom of choice, and above all, the value of the Spanish language and culture: why not? As digital natives, they can discover a world of possibilities and cultural panoramas in the network, encouraging the proper use of the internet and attending activities (literary meetings, book clubs, etc.).

Currently, I am looking for new job opportunities and would appreciate the chance to prove my worth.

I hope you’re interested in my profile and that you consider my potential contribution to the work you do at your school.

Best regards,

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