Dear Sir or Madam:

I have a degree in Humanities from CEU San Pablo University (2003) and a degree in Art Theory and History from the Autonomous University of Madrid (2012). My training has been continuous with university courses in CC. Politics (S.P. CEU, 2003/2004 course), and, from my teaching experience in complements oriented towards education: Practitioner and Master NLP, several courses in Emotional Intelligence, Cooperative Learning, carried out directly by its creators, David and Roger Johnson (University of Minnesota 2014), among others. Although I got my Teaching Certificate by specializing in the Spanish Language and Literature subject, through study and teaching I’ve also been specializing in other subjects such as Philosophy, Geography, and History, or Art History and Theory itself, among other subjects in the Humanities branch. I am writing to you because I am truly interested in forming part of your school’s teaching team. I feel a strong and true calling to the world of teaching. This goes beyond the amount of knowledge I may have, but in the joy and ability to share them so students can reach their objectives. I believe I have a special facility in dealing with both students and their families, from an authority standpoint, but with closeness and accompaniment. I am an active person, dynamic, and with good communication who is able to “make people understand” to “make make”.  With the passage of the courses, I have been developing theoretical and practical classes so that students can understand from their perspective that subjects always have a practical application, associating all their knowledge and applying them to their current situations. I am still working on many things to improve myself since sometimes I can be too organized, punctual, perfectionist, and involved with the particularities of each student. I hope my future colleagues will trust me enough to tell me, share with me and make me learn new things, expose me to new points of view and techniques to build a team, something I consider crucial and essential in this profession, much more than others.

Having dedicated myself to teaching in different stages and subjects has helped me innovate in my classes’ design and in adapting them according to the needs of each student, both as a group and as complete individuals, contemplating the Multiple Intelligences that are present in each class and achieving cohesion in an enhancing manner for all of them.

I attach my curriculum vitae and remain at your disposal to clear any doubt or additional information you may require.

Yours sincerely,

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