My name is Ryan Carter, and I had the fortune to complete my higher studies in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences in different cities and universities, such as Toledo, Valencia, and Foggia: a small town in southern Italy. Subsequently, I am studying for and completing a master’s degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education and Vocational Training and addressing you to submit my candidacy.

I feel a great devotion to the world of teaching. I am highly qualified for education, promoting an ideal learning environment, and quickly leading groups.

Among my athletic skills, I have competed for several years in soccer and karate, showing interest in other modalities such as fitness, tennis, paddle tennis, volleyball, and snowboarding. These disciplines are used in educational content both in Compulsory Secondary Education and in TSEAS & TSAF (Higher Level Training Cycle in Socio-sports Activities, Higher Level Training Cycle in Physical Conditioning).

I am also knowledgeable about Nutritional Coaching, Leisure and Free Time Management, and languages such as English and Italian, and am experienced in a teaching environment with large groups.

As additional skills, I am an empathetic, active person with a strong capacity for conflict resolution, attention to diversity, and motivation. If my profile is a suitable fit, I can arrange a personal interview where you can carefully assess the skills mentioned previously. In addition, I will help clear up any doubts that may come up.

Best regards.

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