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Below you will find examples of Teacher Video Resumes that we use as a model to create yours. Once created, we will send it to you for your review and make any changes you deem necessary. The video resume is considered finished when you give us your approval.

From each video resume model, we have created several examples that suit a variety of “Teaching Profiles” (Mathematics, English, History, etc.). If you can’t find your specialty, do not worry; we will create a specific video resume for that specialty; we only require that you describe your specialty at the time you purchase the service.

To stand out from the rest of the job candidates, we suggest that, as a complement to the video resume that we will create, you create a 30-second self-introduction video in which you explain who you are and what your goals are. On this page, we explain how to do such a thing. We will create the final resume by combining both videos.

We offer you two ways of purchasing the teacher video resume creation service:

Video Resume #202

Early Childhood Education
English Teacher
Language and Literature

When you fill out the form, e will ask you to describe your "Teaching Profile". From that information we will create a Video Resume specific to your profile.

Video Resume #305

Early Childhood Education
Special Education
Physical Education

When you fill out the form, e will ask you to describe your "Teaching Profile". From that information we will create a Video Resume specific to your profile.



A video resume allows you to speak directly to your potential employer about the unique qualities you offer and make you a great candidate to work at a private school. It can be a great addition to your application and help you stand out from the rest of the applicants, through your personality and creativity. It is especially important that a teacher’s video resume is effective and attractive.




A video resume is a short video recording in which you present your professional profile, skills, and experience to a potential employer. We offer you the option to send it along with the resume and the cover letter. You can use your teacher video resume to highlight a skill or experience, and thus show that you are the perfect candidate for the position. It also allows you to show how your creativity and personality match the values of the school. An effective video resume lasts between 45 seconds and two minutes.

You can consider including your video resume in the following situations:

      • – It is required by the employer.

Although it is not common, some schools may ask you to submit a video resume to get a first impression on why you are a strong candidate for the position. This method also helps you show your personality, which could hardly be obtained just by reading the information about you on paper.

      • – You have an extensive resume.

If you have a lot of relevant experiences, you may consider including a video resume to briefly summarize your top qualities and help the recruiter understand what specifically makes you a qualified candidate. After viewing your teacher video resume, you can keep the highlights in mind while reviewing your traditional resume, cover letter, and other documents.

      • – You want to personalize your application.

Although the school may not require it, including a video resume can personalize your application and help you stand out from the rest of the candidates. Seeing you and hearing you speak can leave a lasting impression on the recruiter.




Video resumes are becoming popular in the job search world because of the modern and growing technology market. Recruiters love video resumes that feature a genuine and well-rounded candidate, rather than just a list of accomplishments. Video resumes become a pre-interview and help recruiters know and understand the candidate better.

According to surveys, 89% of employers would watch the candidate’s video resume if it were sent to them. The main reason (52%) employers would watch it is that it allows them to assess the candidate’s presentation and professional demeanor prior to the interview.




      • -Shows your personality.

A video resume allows you to show who you are in a more intimate and personal way. You can use your smile, humor, body language, facial expressions, and your vitality to convince the person responsible for the selection. You can put a face to your achievements and your experience. You can talk about your passion and enthusiasm. You can make them understand why they should hire you.

The best way to do a teacher video resume is with a clearly set “purpose”. Many candidates list their goals at the top of their resume, but these are generally vague and short (often due to a lack of space on a single page resume). For example, “I am looking for a teaching position.”

The purpose in a video resume can be more colorful, descriptive, and vivid. You know what you want, the school principal understands it, and understands how you will fit into their school.

      • – Answers questions from recruiters.

Most paper resumes list your education, accomplishments, and experiences, but do not list your acquired skills. A teacher’s video resume can better analyze and display skills relevant to the position. For example, if you are applying for a teaching position in Primary Education, you can talk about how you helped with the progress of a group of students with special needs.

      • – Creates a better first impression.

A video resume can help you give a great first impression, and these are crucial to hiring success.

You can present yourself in the best possible way, because you can record and re-record the video until you are satisfied with your “first impression”. This also takes the pressure off of any additional meetings with the recruiter, because you’ve already made that crucial first impression. The more comfortable you are when you meet him in person for the first time, the more likely he is to see who you really are.

      • – Offers greater control.

You can also control how you show yourself to school recruits and principals, and how they are likely to respond to you. You never know how an interviewer will read your resume, and it often depends largely on their mood.

For example, if you say, “I’m a people person,” a relaxed recruiter will read this as if you are sociable and friendly. However, a more reserved person might think that you have a dominant character.

There is less room for interpretation on a video resume. If you say in your teacher video resume that you are passionate about teaching, while speaking with a warm smile and a friendly tone, you are showing that you really love the profession.

In conclusion, you can control the tone and personality that are part of your video resume, and thus you can control how it is heard and perceived.

      • – Shows your technological skill.

Although creating a video resume is not too difficult (especially when CVExpress does it for you), it makes you look like a techie. This is a great skill in any economic and social sector, but especially in the world of education. Because it shows that you can quickly learn emerging technologies and be at the same level as your students. It also demonstrates a willingness to stay up to date on new trends.

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