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Adapting to the new rules established by the job market is encouraging you to innovate, acquire new knowledge, and grow. The Online CV trend has gained ground in recent years; however, even today, there are thousands of internet users who have not ventured into this area. Here we will discuss not only about what this kind of resource implies, but also about the advantages it offers to those who bet on it.


The Online CV consists of a personal web page that has a format similar to that of a traditional resume. Any internet user who has the link to that web page will be able to see it and access all the information that is shared there. This makes Online CVs a dynamic and accessible tool!




      • Design. In the real world, the vast majority of things are designed to catch our eye, and in the digital world, even more are. Make sure you have a simple and innovative design for your Online CV that invites someone to read more and help whoever reads it know more about you. Do not assume that design is only for creative professions, and dare to give a little life to your Online CV so it is more attractive and, above all, more unforgettable.
      • Balance. In an age where we are constantly bombarded with new information, creating a resume that catches the eye of the recruiter is no easy task. But it is important to remember that the key to all online content is a perfect balance between the amount of information and the ability for the reader to synthesize it to ensure that your Online CV is informative but concise.
      • Interactive. Take advantage of the possibilities that the online world gives you and do not stay only with flat information in your resume. Dare to explore new content such as videos, photos, link pieces of your portfolio or website, and add extra information from your work experience. Use the advantages that the online world offers you in your favor and let your online CV show how proactive and practical you are.
      • Structure. Learn to optimize and organize your information to increase relevance to what you consider to be the most important to the company or the recruiter. Take advantage of the online world to create different versions and benefit from the speed, immediacy, and multiple options that it offers you.
      • Keywords. In the online world more than any other, every word counts. So make sure to use keywords, give each image you use relevant titles, name the documents you attach well, highlight the words that interest you the most, and describe you throughout your Online CV.


      • Greater accessibility. Since it has web support, it allows any internet user to access it.
      • Greater visibility. Since it is possible to share it on any social media or via email.
      • Greater creativity and versatility. Online CV templates allow you to include numerous information options; it will not only be offered in textual language, but also in visual language. Multimedia resources, such as images, audio, and video can be used to make a complete presentation as a candidate.
      • More space. The Online CV is not as limiting for its users as traditional resume templates are. The space to expand on the necessary information is bigger and is complemented by other formats, such as multimedia.


The Online CV is the trend of the moment, but, above all, it is the most practical option of our era to have a complete and innovative resume. Thus, being able to stand out from other candidates, you will obtain greater opportunities for your desired job.