We’ll submit your teacher resume to private school jobs


Your teacher resume will be submitted to private schools by email, regular postal delivery, or through the school’s teaching job section found on their website.


SYou can select private schools according to its location, grade level, religious affiliation, or program emphasis. Getting a job as a teacher in a private school is far easier now than it has been.


We will build your teacher resume in Word format, or an Online CV or Video Resume. We are also in charge of updating, translating, or writing the cover letter to be included with your resume.


We offer attractive and effective educator resumes that will catch the attention of an institution’s selection committees. Your CV will always be ready to be used in your personal area of concentration.

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With CVExpress it will be easier for you to get a teaching job in private schools

We offer a professional and effective service for submitting your resume to the school of your choice. Our aim is to only distribute your teacher resume among private schools that perfectly match your professional profile in an effort to increase the possibility of you finding the teaching position of your dreams. In order to achieve this, you must fill out our hiring format; you may limit the private school selection by state, county or city, school grade, religious affiliation, school focus, gender, or the number of students per class. We also allow you to exclude private schools you do not wish to submit your educator resume to. In addition, you can choose between three ways to submit the resume to schools: by email, by regular postal delivery, or through the teaching job section that most of schools have on their websites. We can also offer a job search engineer service.

If you do not currently have a suitable teacher resume, we can aid in the curation of a unique and professional educator resume.  However, we do not just provide templates; we also prepare your CV for you, and not just an average one! Our team of professionals work diligently in learning how to describe yourself in an effort to best highlight your values and to showcase your skills. As an extra bonus, we keep your resume updated and ready for use at all time. In the event you need your resume to be presented in various languages, we also offer translation services to our customers. Getting a job in private schools as a teacher has never been easier!

What do our customers say

Very professional results. Very few days after the hiring, I received my curriculum vitae and my cover letter. I was totally surprised, everything was perfect, both the design and the text. I recommend it to everybody.

Emily White – New York, USA

A great service for all teachers looking for a job. They cleared up all my doubts quickly and the price is affordable. Now we just have to wait for the results.

Logan Johnson – Pennsylvania, USA

I never trust online services and I had a hard time deciding, but hiring their services was the best decision (a person from CVExpress helped me throughout the process). I have sent my resume to all the schools I’m interested in and I already have 2 scheduled interviews. I am really pleased.

Chloe Thompson – New Jersey, USA


At CVExpress, we specialize in submitting your resume to private schools by email, regular postal delivery, or the school’s teaching job section found on their website.

We can also offer a job search engineer service.

Furthermore, we offer a teacher resume building service. Our team of professionals perfect resumes, either in Word, as an Online CV, or as a video-resume. Even better, we keep your CV updated and ready for use at any time. And if you need it, we can translate your educator resume into a variety of languages.


You simply have to complete our hiring formulary and provide the following information:

  • The main features of the schools you would feel comfortable to work at as a teacher. This includes whether the school has a religious affiliation or program emphasis, or the number of students in each class.
  • The geographical location of the private schools where you would like to teach (cities, states, provinces, counties, or countries).
  • Your choice on the way you would like your teacher resume to be submitted to private schools.
  • The school levels you would be interested in teaching.

You may also exclude the private schools you have no interest in sending your CV to.


We offer unique and professional teacher resumes that help you land the teaching job of your dreams. We provide more than just templates; we also prepare your educator CV! And not just an average one; our team of professionals create a perfect curriculum that describes you, highlights your values, and showcases your skills. We offer two options you may choose from to create your resume:

Choose the first option if you only wish to get your resume prepared. If you also wish to send it to private schools and find a teaching job, please choose the second option.


LinkedIn profile: Do you know the importance of this social network? LinkedIn is currently one of the most widely used tools by human resource companies that may help you get a job in private schools. At CVExpress we can also help you create a LinkedIn profile, keep it updated, and promote it among the teaching groups where your profile may fit.

Update of your teacher resume: Your resume will always be updated with us in charge; we routinely modify it to fit a position or as you need. You simply tell us all the modifications you need, and take care of them.

Your CV translation: We offer Spanish, French, or German translation services.

Cover letter for teachers: We offer many options in order to create a great cover letter that is ready to be submitted to private schools. You may also your your cover letter created in different languages.


a) If you purchased a teacher´s resume distribution by email:

First, we create a message containing the emails where we will submit your CV to various private schools. You may review this information and modify it as needed. Once you approve the information, you will have to “validate the message” from your Private Area. Then, you need to confirm all of the information is correct so we can begin submitting your resume to private schools.

The delivery of your CV to private schools is accomplished within the next five business days.

Once your CV has been delivered, you may check in your Private Area for the complete list of private schools your resume has been submitted to.

b) If you purchased a teacher´s resume distribution by regular mail:

The submission of your resume to schools by regular mail is similar to the delivery through email. First, we send you a list of the private schools that matches your chose profile along with the school’s physical address. Once you validate this list, we photocopy and place your resume in an envelope, and send it out.

The process, since you purchased the service until the letters arrive to their destination, takes three weeks at the most. Once they have been distributed, you may check in your Private Area for the list of schools where they have been sent.

c) If you purchase a teacher´s resume creation:

We begin to work on a first draft of your teacher´s resume. We upload it in your Private Area so that you may review it and ask for as many changes as you wish. We will always keep in contact so that we are able to address any changes you wish to make in a speedy manner. The process will end when you approve the CV we have created for you.

d) If you hire the distribution of your resume through the private school’s teaching jobs section on their website:

Upon teacher selection, many schools prefer to publish their own vacancies in order to receive the candidacies through their website’s job formularies.

At CVExpress, we review the job offers published on  the private school’s website in order to help you apply for positions that best fit your profile. Furthermore, we fill out the job application for you using the information on your resume.

You may find a list with all the teacher vacancies we applied you for, as well as your completed application, in your Private Area.  We also include the usernames and passwords we created, allowing you to access your applications and job offers.

As a result of our services, getting a job in private schools as a teacher has never been easier.

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