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Carta de presentación laboral en inglés para empresas

Dear Human Resources,

Please consider this letter and my attached resume for a position in the Communications&Marketing department in your company.

I am a Spanish journalist and my professional career has expanded within different media and communication departments in Spain and abroad. My deep understanding of the social media, multi-platform marketing, proposal writing and communication campaigns and my customer service orientated profile are among others skills that I could use but above all my motivation and my resilience for my job.

I have recently been working in Valladolid City Council as Responsible for Communications being a part of a European project called REMOURBAN (a Regeneration Model for accelerating the smart URBAN transformation). I was Responsible for implementing the Internal and External Communications strategy in the framework of the “Horizon2020″ program. Among my responsibilities they were: implementing the communication strategy of the project working through three different areas: Energy, Mobility, and ICT, preparing and sending deliverables according to the deadlines of the European Commission. E.g. “Citizen Engagement Strategy Cities” “Remourban Communication& Dissemination Plan” ….etc

My professional career has also been developed abroad. I worked for MARNI, in London UK, a luxury fashion brand as Communications Manager and PR. In addition, I previously worked in the Communications Department at GlaxoSmithKline as a part of a team responsible for the internal/external and corporate communications. Reporting directly to the Director of Communications, I was in charge (in conjunction with the marketing team and our local agency) of conducting different projects and plans for internal and external communication activities across the different therapeutic areas of the company.

I have excellent organizational and communications skills, working in different international environments and having liaised with a variety of people, from brand or PR managers to organizations and the media. I am reliable, friendly and a hard-working team player highly motivated. I am also particularly comfortable in international contexts.

You will find me to be enthusiastic and extremely driven to achieve positive outcomes. I understand well the power of the right message delivered to the right audience at the right time. I also seek innovative ways of doing things, I am very creative. My written communication skills are excellent, and I am effective and very organized in conducting projects.

I look forward to hearing from you. For further details please see my attached Curriculum Vitae.

Yours Sincerely,

Carta de presentación laboral en inglés para empresas.


Cartas de presentación de médicos, enfermeros y auxiliares en inglés

I have recently completed my PhD at National Institute of Agricultural Research and Technology (INIA) in Madrid, Spain.

I am currently working in the laboratory at INIA developing my PhD as a post doc. During my PhD I gained international training and working experience in The Netherlands Cancer Institute, in Amsterdam. I have developed my scientific career in the involvement of endocytic pathway in African Swine Fever Virus infection and its impact in the host cell, specifically in the first steps of the infection.

In both my current position and my PhD research, I have utilized multiple cell biology and molecular techniques including confocal microscope and imaging analysis. I am competent in design of experiment, and have had five papers published during my PhD in different scientific journals (please refer to my CV for details).

I have an excellent track record as a hard-working member of the laboratory team and I am always ready to lend a hand and offer suggestions when invited. I enjoy a close team dynamic and being able to confer with my colleagues about current projects. I gained experience working in an international laboratory while at the INIA was successful. I also presented different posters and contributions during my PhD in conferences (again, please refer to my CV for details). My research and writing skills have been well developed over the past five years of researching and my communication skills were further enhanced by the experiences I had during the year I worked as a leisure time instructor and, of course, in lab seminars and congress. Finally, I enjoy problem-solving, and I am keen to collaborate with your team. .

Thank you for your consideration of my credentials.

Yours sincerely,

Cartas de presentación de médicos, enfermeros y auxiliares en inglés.


Carta de presentación para hospitales y clínicas en inglés

Human Resources Department.

I am a gerontologist currently finalizing an employment contract to a private health company dedicated to intensive care for the elderly, in Alicante. For more than 10 years I have had the opportunity to work in different cities and companies in Spain, but at this time.

I am looking to expand my horizons in a foreign land and your company appears to be an interesting place. I have great dedication and the appropriate patience that the elderly deserves, both necessary to improve their quality of life and to contain the family in the most complex situations of this stage of life. I would like to arrange an interview in which.

I can provide more details of my proposal and clarify any questions or doubts. I shall be looking forward for your reply.

Very best regards,

Carta de presentación para hospitales y clínicas en inglés.


Modelo de carta de presentación de profesores en inglés

Ms. Mrs. Head of studies:

I am writing this enclosing my resume and offering my availability as a worker, especially in the field of education.

In this regard I wish to emphasize that I am a graduate in English degree and I have profesional experience in the field of education, both as a teacher of English and as a teacher of Science in elementary school.

I should add that I own vocation as a teacher and appreciate the educational work. Also, I know the Spanish and british education system, both in structure and in its objectives and content.

I hope you consider my offer.


Modelo de carta de presentación de profesores en inglés.


Carta de presentación para centros sanitarios en inglés

Mr. / Mrs.

I had the opportunity to inquire about your company, the working conditions and basically its career path. To my surprise, I found excellent references about the company that you manage and also found that its growth has been steady. For this reason I have a strong interest to be part of its workforce within the nursing field.

I recently graduated as a surgical nurse at the University of Barcelona and I have done my professional practice at the city Clinical Hospital. I have advanced skills in French and English languages and also have the ability to easily adapt to changes and new working environments. I am interested in working abroad, since here in Spain the opportunities are limited, especially for recent graduates. If my profile is of your interest, I invite you to review my attached resume and contact me to arrange a meeting at your convenience.


Carta de presentación para centros sanitarios en inglés.


Cartas de presentación de doctores y enfermeras en francés

Madame, Monsieur,

J’ai pris connaissance avec grand intérêt de votre annonce pour un poste de Bagagiste au sein de votre structure.

Votre établissement hôtelier reconnu pour la qualité de son accueil et de ses services se doit de recruter une personne possédant à la fois les compétences nécessaires à ce poste mais également qui puisse pleinement refléter l’image de marque et les valeurs de votre société.

C’est pourquoi, je vous propose mes compétences pour cette fonction. Mes nombreuses expériences en ce domaine me permettent aujourd’hui de pouvoir appréhender l’ensemble des compétences et savoir-faire requis par ce métier avec rigueur, organisation et respect de la clientèle.

De nature dynamique et accueillant, j’ai un très bon sens du service même dans le stress. Ma capacité à travailler en équipe avec une énergie mobilisante et positive est également un de mes points forts.

Je reste à votre disposition pour vous apporter de plus amples détails sur mon offre lors d’un prochain entretien.

Dans cette attente, je vous prie d’agréer, Madame, Monsieur, l’expression de ma parfaite considération.

Cartas de presentación de doctores y enfermeras en francés.