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Cómo hacer una carta de presentación para maestros

Estimado/a señor/a:

Me llamo Natalia Pérez, realice la licenciatura en Historia del Arte y el Máster en Formación del Profesorado, ambos obtenidos por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Me describo como una persona empática, dinámica, responsable, que disfruta la labor educativa, con facilidad para la comunicación y la organización. Me siento capaz de propiciar  el aprendizaje y el buen ambiente en el aula, así como integrar mis conocimientos y experiencia profesional para favorecer la compresión y razonamiento de los conocimientos.

Conozco y cumplo con las responsabilidades sociales y éticas que se deben tener para el ejercicio de la profesión docente. Mi objetivo como docente está en promover y potenciar el proceso de enseñanza y aprendizaje de mis alumnos. Por lo que considero que las  estrategias para estimular y promover la capacidad del alumno deben ir de la mano del desarrollo de sus  habilidades.

Adjunto mi curriculum vitae, confiando consideren la  posible aportación de mi persona a su centro, quedo a su disposición para cualquier aclaración.


Cómo hacer una carta de presentación para maestros.


Carta de presentación laboral de enseñanza en inglés

I have always dreamt of becoming a teacher. Why? Honestly, my elementary school teachers were inspirations and role models for me. They were the perfect combination of love and discipline, friendship and respect, fun and knowledge. I wanted to be just like them. I also believe that I have something that naturally makes me love kids.

Then I decided that I wanted to earn my degree from a college specializing only in teaching (ESCUNI). I studied and worked hard at the same time to be able to achieve it. I finished my degree without failing any exams in three years. That is what passion achieves.

Since then, I have been working as a English Kidergarten teacher and as 4º Grade teacher (all subjetcs except English) as well. So I have had the chance to try all ages and ways of teaching while I keep studying to get the C1 level. Also, I work every summer in the USA first as a Camp Counselor  (first year)  and as a Spanish Teacher (the past two years) , do not hesitate to contact them for further references.

Thank you for taking the time to read this card. If you pick me you are going to be satisfied because I’m going to do whatever it takes to be a good teacher, employee, and co-worker.

Carta de presentación laboral de enseñanza en inglés.


Carta de presentación de enseñanza en inglés

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to apply for the position of teacher of English and/or French.

During my academic studies of Translation and Interpreting of English and French, I took part in the Erasmus programme at University of Birmingham. I would like to point out that this experience provided me with a much broader knowledge of the English culture and language. Besides, I received the teaching certificate in English and a course on the Introduction to the Methodology of Spanish as a Foreign Language in order to get to know more pedagogic tools which could help me to deliver better lessons as well as to gain valuable classroom experience.

As my curriculum vitae shows, my professional experience in the education world includes one year as an English and French teacher in Mataró and three years in Barcelona. These experiences have helped me to further develop and apply my skills when teaching a foreign language to children, teenagers and adults.

The levels that I have taught range from A1 to B2 in English, A1 to B1 in French, A1 to C2 in Spanish and Catalan, the two latter being my mother tongues, as well as the official Cambridge exam preparation courses (FCE). My experience includes tutoring with parents, organising engaging English activities and the continuous assessment of the students.

Furthermore, I work effectively within a team and I am always willing to learn in order to develop new skills. I am absolutely passionate about languages and keenly interested to help students in the process of learning them.

With my skills, experience and love for language education, I believe I would be an ideal fit for your language school or private school. I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Carta de presentación de enseñanza en inglés.


Cómo redactar una carta de presentación de enseñanza

Estimados Señores/as,

Mis años de formación me han enseñado a entender la educación de los niños y jóvenes desde la integración global de las distintas dimensiones de la persona y el acompañamiento de cada alumno en su diversidad.

El mayor estímulo para optar por esta profesión ha sido la gratificación que se siente tras colaborar en la mejora de las habilidades y en la superación de las dificultades que presentan determinados alumnos, cuyas peculiaridades obligan a un mayor esfuerzo para conseguir su educación y una integración más amplia en la sociedad.

Es esta “pedagogía” la que me ha ido nutriendo durante mis años de formación como persona y como futura profesional de la educación.

Por todo lo anteriormente expuesto, me gustaría que valoraran mi posible contribución en su centro.

En la confianza de recibir su pronta respuesta les saluda atentamente,

Cómo redactar una carta de presentación de enseñanza.


Carta de presentación para profesores en inglés

Dear Sir/Madam,

It’s a pleasure for me to send you my CV since I’m convinced that I meet the conditions of merits and skills to fill the position as an English teacher.

I can assure you that I have the ability to successfully manage with the job, due to my experience at schools (ESO/Bachillerato) , my degree in Translation and Interpreting and my Master in Teachers of Compulsory & Non-Compulsory Secondary Education, Professional Training & Language Teaching which have provided me with an excellent knowledge background for the language job market. The said experience includes a wide range of fields such as: methodology based on the European Language Portfolio (ELP), new technologies applied to language teaching, communicative approach in the English class, diversity management, working with interdisciplinarity contents and human values with the students as well as motivation in the foreign language learning process, group and autonomous work, working with the 8 basic competences and the elaboration of syllabuses and teaching units.

Moreover, I have broad experience in teaching B1 to C2 levels (CEFRL) as well as in preparing students for Cambridge exams, together with TOEFL, EOI (Escuela

Oficial de Idiomas) and Trinity GESE.

I’m able to tackle any challenge with initiative and eagerness in order to contribute to the company’s progress.

I’m a talented person, with leadership skills as well as effective in the development of my tasks.

One of my strong qualities is my ability to bring fresh ideas and to work in groups inspiring confidence and helping others.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Yours sincerely,

Carta de presentación para profesores en inglés.


Carta de presentación ejemplo enseñanza en inglés

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to enquire about the possibility of becoming a Primary School Teacher, as either a PE Teacher at your school, full-time.

My career focus is to continue gaining experience in the education field. I have enclosed a CV outlining my qualifications and two Reference Letters.

I have a Bachelor Degree Specialising in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, a Primary School Teacher’s Degree Specialising in Physical Education, a Teacher Training Certificate (CAP) and the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). I also have the FCE and the Advanced Level in English B2 (EOI).

I have gained nine years experience in the education field, three of them working as a Primary School Teacher and as a Physical Education Teacher (age range 3-11), having taught all subjects. I have been a Year 5 and 6 Teacher, in addition teaching SEN students. Currently I am teaching PE in a Primary School in London, where I have been working for one year and a half.

All my work experience within or outside of the classroom has been positive for me, but my passion and ultimate wish is to work as a teacher.

As a teacher, I feel my skills are my ability to listen to my pupils, treating them as individuals, motivating and encouraging team work, an aspect which the parents of my previous students have really appreciated. I consider myself strict regarding the students compliance to the class and rules, although I am also very attentive, patient and fair.

I would appreciate the opportunity to have an interview with you, or one of your colleagues regarding my employment opportunities at your school. I will be available to start working on the next course (September 2015).

If you wish to contact me, I may be reached at e-mail

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Carta de presentación ejemplo enseñanza en inglés.